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Artificial Rainfall ? How will the Monk Fruit Crop be in 2022 ?

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Monk Fruit, with high nutritional value, flowers in Summer and fruits in Autumn. Mainly origin from Guangxi Province, South of China, Monk Fruit has strict requirements of the growing environment, moisture and temperature, preferring humidity but fearing drought and flooding. Although Monk Fruit is a sunny-like plant, it can't tolerate high temperature. Once the temperature is higher than 34℃, the growth of it will be hindered.


This year, the South of China is generally suffering from high temperature and drought. Currently, immature Monk Fruits planted in Guangxi, Hunan and other provinces are in the expansion period, but the lack of water will affect the size of Monk Fruit or cause fruit deformities; in addition, if there is not enough water after artificial pollination, it will also greatly affect the Monk Fruits' fruiting rate. Therefore, all the major Monk fruit planting bases are actively taking measures to solve the problem of water shortage.

                                               ( Hunan Nutramax Monk Fruit Planting Base)


The staff of Hunan Nutramax Monk Fruit planting base in Shaoyang, Wugang is urgently deploying drought supplies, organizing water pumping and spraying plants and planting areas, even the artificial rainfall to improve the air humidity to alleviate the problem of drought and water shortage, and doing their best to guarantee the production of Monk Fruit this year.

                                    (Hunan Nutramax Staff Watering Drought-affected Monk Fruit Corp)


According to reports, The high temperature in the south eased from August,24th, but the precipitation as a whole is not much and the drought is still more likely to continue. From the current situation, the average hm²yield of Monk Fruit will be lower than that of 2021. We hope the drought can be lifted soon and Monk Fruit can wait until it rains for a smooth harvest.


In 2022, it is estimated there are more than 13,000 hm²of Monk Fruit planting area in the country, and the planting area has expanded by about 30% more than last year (estimated by the number of seedlings). Based on the recent extreme hot weather, Hunan Nutramax expects that the average yield of Monk Fruit this year will be 90,000-120,000pcs per hm², and the total number of harvest monk fruits will be about 110,000 tons.